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Someone bought my painting!

This weekend I participated in a fundraiser for the Center for the Arts in Jackson called Whodunit? where all of the works are anonymous. Artists decorate small canvases, each six inches by six inches, and the curators display them without the artists’ names. Up to 10 patrons can put their name in a lottery for each piece, and at the end of the night, the patron whose name is drawn pays $99 for the piece and finds out who painted it. The proceeds benefit the art center.

I was really excited that someone bid on and purchased my painting! My painting is based on a photograph I took while biking in Grand Teton National Park with my friends Poa and Betsy a few weeks ago. I am intrigued by our relationship to our environment, and this piece shows one way that we interact with it.

3 Responses to “Someone bought my painting!”

  1. poalily Says:

    how fun… that this was from our bike ride in the park!

  2. Maggie Says:

    Congrats! That is so cool

  3. Lynne VAn Engel Says:

    I love the bike alone against the mountains.
    really get a sense of the scale of the tetons.

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