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Friday, September 30th, 2011

In an article about the New York art dealer Larry Gagosian, he talks about how he encourages new art collectors to just start buying. He said, “at times they’ll ask you, ‘How do I know I’ll like this in five years?’ Well, you don’t know. It’s a process. You have to get in there and start living with art and seeing how it changes your thinking and your perceptions.”

I had an opportunity to see my work installed in a nice, well-lit space this week, as I organized an exhibition at one of my school’s galleries for myself and three of my classmates. I’ve enjoyed meandering into the gallery between classes this week. When empty, it’s been a nice sanctuary for me to reflect. It’s hard to put it into words, but my mood changes when I enter this space. Maybe it’s the memory of all the meditative time I spent working on the paintings, observing my subject in silence, or just the awe of the final pieces; how the colors and brushwork seem to fit together so nicely with so much to take in.

The show is called and includes work by me, Tej Greenhill, Eline Johannessen and Dominique Wohrer. We named the show as such, as we are four women artists one decade apart in age. I’m posting some pictures from the installation as well as this week’s reception. The show continues running through Saturday, October 8 (my birthday!) so please stop by if you’re in the bay area.
Bruce Gallery 2B
California College of the Arts
1111 8th Street, San Francisco CA