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e v e goes to art school

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Some people are into S&M; I am into art school. Between the self-inflicted torture and the nudity, the two may not be too different. In any case, I have moved to San Francisco to study painting at California College of the Arts and will be here for the next two years.

My teacher handed out popcorn to the class in my first painting class. Not to eat, but to paint. The challenge was to represent one teensy tiny kernel on a three foot long by three foot high canvas, painting in black, white and grays.

It’s amazing how every one of the students had such a different vision. I am posting pictures of the seven different paintings and am keeping them anonymous for now. Please post your guess below as to which one is mine. They are labeled 1 – 7, and you can see each painting’s number assignment by scrolling your mouse over it. If you want some clues, you can check out some of my other work by clicking to the link on the left that says Return to my Portfolio Website. I will send the correct guesser a special treat. (If there’s more than one, I will choose at random, just like the guys at Car Talk.) Check back in October to see who guessed correctly! And I apologize that Painting 1 is partially obscured by my teacher who is walking by it.