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The White Painting

Not a native French speaker, I often find myself in basic conversations when I throw out the line, “Parlèz-vous Français? Oui oui? Moi aussi.” Asking someone for their favorite color or where the library might be could turn into a fascinating conversation identifying colors within the room or a spoken tour of all the stores in a town.

Out to dinner with some friends the other night, a non-native English speaker asked me “what do you like about art?” I giggled out of shock — no one had asked me to justify my decision to return to school in what felt like such a direct way. I told him that I liked to make things and that I liked how art captures a moment in history and its styles or social struggles. Reflecting further, my final answer would be that it tells a story.

In my most recent painting, I was tasked with painting a white object with a white background. For the painting to work,  you need to differentiate between warm and cool tones. I painted a shirt hanging against a white wall, and I wanted to tell the story of the solitude of this article of clothing.

I am posting a picture of the props I used as well as of two pictures of the painting. Can you tell which one is the finished piece, and which one was a snapshot a few hours before I finished?

4 Responses to “The White Painting”

  1. A. Heidi Says:

    #1 is the finished piece, and whiter too! If not correct, I blame it on poor computer imaging :) Nice work, and fun blog too.

    And welcome to my world of caffeine addiction. Well just one “grande” a day but they do know my name at Starbucks…Yes I like Starbucks coffee.

    Be well!

  2. David Says:

    I agree wtih A. Heidi. Totally #1 (although I got confused at first that #2 was on the left and #1 on the right). It looks awesome EVAN, great job!

  3. e v e Says:

    Good job, “A.” Heidi (Aunt Heidi) and David! You both got it.

  4. D2 Says:

    Just for the record, I chose #1 as well, before reading the comments.

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